The Blooming Rose

Couture Bridal Gown & Jewellery Collection Spring/Summer 2014/2015. Wandering through the garden of ‘L'Haÿ-les-Roses’ in Paris, her thoughts were enraptured by the beauty and grace each rose possessed. Surrounded by what must have been over a thousand rose varieties, the perfumed scent infused the air and she was entirely captivated in the moment. She knew within her own life the rose echoed a story of love and romance that unfolded like a story of fate. The first bud reaching towards the sunlight, enriched by the bright purity of light was similar to the first glance when two eyes meet and without words the beginnings of a deep admiration is set in motion. As the bud grows taller and develops within its protected shell, it needs attention, care and nurture to reach its next stage. This she ponders is not unlike the moments where one sees the compassion, kindness and depth of beloveds’ actions revealing their true affection over time. She embodies a feeling of being completely and utterly embraced in a sheer cocoon of assurance, equanimity and poise. With a perfection so elegantly displayed in nature, the bud now filled with petals begins to blossom and open in all its glory. Each petal stretches out and layer by layer the centre is revealed and the rose, magnificent as it stands, acquires its delicate silhouette. She connects with this ethereal state of ultimate femininity, to be loved, to be complete and beam with an inner glow. A vision so beautiful her eyes flicker softy like in a dream. Her heart beats gently in rhythm with each breath and her soul is so full of love she evokes the allure of a goddess, utterly charming and with a touch of enchantment...

Photography: Katriena Emmanuel
Hair & Make Up: Sue McLaurin
Model: Anneliese Lawrie from Vivien's Models