Essence of an Enchantress

Couture Gown & Jewellery Collection Spring/summer 2012/2013 Inspiration: Like an intoxicating scent awakening the senses, the call of a siren cannot be ignored. Part myth or intrigue, the allure of such a woman is a tale passed on from ancient worlds. Veiled with mystery evocative of an oriental romance, she is a vision masked in the glory of a goddess, enchanted by an esteem of royal magnificence. Charmed with beauty and draped in jewels, her essence lingers into the hearts and minds of all who bare witness. Shimmering crystals of light grey opals, antique rose, golden shadow, siam, and jet nut combine with pearls of indigo and cream reflecting an encompassing array of colours. Under her sheathe of colour lies a vividness evoking a sense of intimacy in her hidden sensual world. Through artful mastery, fascination and seductiveness, her allurements behold the true nature hidden within… the essence of an enchantress.