A Touch of Romance

Couture Gown & Jewellery Collection Spring/Summer 2013/2014 Inspiration: Skimming her fingers over the post cards and photographs from a holiday many years ago, her thoughts are whisked away to another time and place. Memories of handsome Spaniards, wondrous landscapes and colourful architecture begin to envelop her mind and a gentle smile comes over her face as she remembers one truly beautiful moment in her life. As if she was back in Barcelona, her senses reminisce of the cool breeze sweeping through trees on hot summer days and the scent of the floral essences filtering through the air. Following down a pebbled path one evening she had come across a chalk board sign reading the “La Cena” menu for a quaint little restaurant. This hidden find was secluded under a terrace of vines and luscious grapes draping off their stems. Although night, there were tea lights offering a gentle yet inviting dimly lit allure. She found herself being drawn inside, not only by this captivating setting but also by a soft acoustic sound. As she came closer the sounds almost put her in a daze, each strum of the Spanish guitar spoke directly to her heart. She had never felt this way before and was speechless, completely charmed by this soothing instrument. All night she sat watching the gentleman play the guitar, waiting for each note and melody. Without touch or sight, her soul was cocooned in a feeling of warmth and love. It was as if she had ‘a touch of romance’... Coming back to the present, her eyes gaze over the colours in her photographs, sultry tones of bright and deep reds, sweet tones of pinks and peaches contrasted by ivory white washes and dashes of jet black all held together in flecks of gold and delicate, shining crystal like brightness... Yes, to her these will always be reminiscent of romance, love and allure...

Photography: Lana Iva
Hair & Make Up: Vivianne Tran - Hair & Makeup Artist
Model: Karima O'dile from Vivien's Models